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Advanced Trading Strategies is published on special occasions, when we launch a new product or service. Our newsletter focuses on statistical and data shaping techniques. You can easily subscribe or unsubscribe by filling out the form below. The information gathered below is used to better serve our customers and understand their needs. It will not be shared, as stated in our privacy policy.
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We publish material on the following topics:
  • reviews of stock trading products and services
  • tax issues, in particular with short-term trading
  • short-term and intra-day trading
  • statistical algorithms, parametrization
  • strategy design and optimization
  • impact of spread and trading errors
  • designing robust strategies
  • combining short and long term strategies on a single stock
  • metrics used to assess the efficiency of a strategy
  • statistical distributions of interest for stock traders
  • data gathering and data quality issues
  • statistical modeling, model fitting
Advanced Trading Strategies also accepts non commercial classified ads. You can submit seminar announcements, job postings, requests for specific products or services, or even articles for review. All correspondance should be addressed to Past issues will be published online.

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