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Datashaping has expertize in all aspects of mathematical and statistical simulation. We have designed a complex virtual stock market, using non homogeneous Markov models. Some original features of this market are stock clusters and cross-correlations time lags. Presently, a portion of this mathematical research is available to the public: you can download virtual data and apply trading strategies on a simulated time series of stock price, or you can perform stock price simulation online. We also have designed a virtual stock market game. Please contact us for further details.
Also, our experience in image analysis has resulted in the development of image-based cryptography techniques, as well as Matgrounds, an on-line system of mathematical background generation. The proprietary business model behind Matgrounds is the same as that used in selling our trading strategies: it is based on keys.

Virtual Stock Market

Time and currency units are virtual: the simulated processes are quasi-fractals.
  • Historical Data, Simulated Market Crash.
    Download 50,000 consecutive values of simulated stocks (that is, 150 years worth of data if the time unit is a trading day). Use it to test your trading strategies.
  • Stock Market Simulator.
    Play with the stock market simulator: tune in trend and volatility parameters, and then download the resulting time series (200 observations) of simulated stock price.
Go to the Virtual Stock Market center.

Mathematical Backgrounds

These amazing backgrounds, known as matgrounds, although very different from each other, are created with a single mathematical formula. Play with the background generator, and see the extraordinary results. It is free! And if you like it, you can download the source code.

Go to the Matgrounds center.

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