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Website Rankings based on Content Breadth

Enter a keyword (e.g. analytic) to get the top 50 domains containing the keyword in question, ordered by rank. Higher ranks correspond to websites with higher breadth, based on a proprietary formula. This small database contains 2,000,000 domains and 10,000,000 links. We are building a more comprehensive version with 10,000,000 domains and more sophisticated ranking algorithms.

In order to accommodate the surge in visitors, we are improving this application. If this tool is running slowly, please bookmark us and visit us later when there is less traffic.


Website Rankings based on Directory Breadth

We have gathered all website URLs categorized in Yahoo and Google directories, to create one of the most reliable website rating systems. We can help you design customized rankings or scores to rank all the internet sites found in the top two directories, according to your own criteria.

Our customized rankings are based on the number of categories a website is assigned to across multiple directories, and on how deeply the website appears in the category hierarchy. Our rankings measure the quality of a website more than the amount of traffic. These ratings and rankings rely on human categorization:

  • A Yahoo category is assigned by an Account Manager when a webmaster submits his URL.
  • Google uses the man-made DMOZ directory.
To the contrary, traditional ratings (Alexa, Google's page rank) can easily be manipulated by automated agents.

Using our Data for Competitive Intelligence

Our CD offers a comprehensive listing of websites and categories. It is a goldmine of keywords and other useful information. Looking at your competitors' entries on our CD, you will find additional categories that can be used for advertising purposes. Usually these categories can not be found by performing a traditional search. Our ratings will also give you a fair assessment of the importance of your competitors. Also, you can search for all categories that contain specified keywords, to find highly relevant categories with few competing websites. These are the categories you want to be listed in.

To receive your CD, please contact us. The CD contains:

  • Ratings based on the richness of the content, for 1,800,000 websites
  • Customized rankings that fits your needs, for 1,800,000 websites
  • Exhaustive Yahoo and Google category assignment(s) for each of the 1,800,000 websites
  • Separate comprehensive category listings for Yahoo and Google, with number of websites for each category
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