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Explanation of Rating Symbols

Trading key ratings are based on past and expected performance. A rating code may consist of several symbols. For example, a key rated CR is certified and its strategy is robust, reliable. Note that two trading keys with opposite ratings (e.g. R and V) can be associated with the same stock: ratings apply to the keys, not to the stocks.

Trading key meeting professional standards of performance.
NNon certified
Opposite of C
Trading key less sensitive to market fluctuations and trading errors. Generally associated with lower risks and lower returns. Good for beginners.
Opposite of R. Potentially higher return, balanced by increased risk or unstability.
DDay trading
Trading key suitable for day trading.
LLong term
Strategy involving few actual trades. Opposite of D.
SShort sell
Trading key heavily relying on short sells. Most transactions are performed when the stock is going down.
BBuy first
Opposite of S. Good for beginners.
Reinvesting the gains results in higher (compound) return.
KKeep gains
Opposite of E. Reinvesting the gains may not be advantageous.
Trading key that works well with all stocks, with consequently a lower return. You have to explicitly specify a stock symbol when you use it.
Trading key attached to a specific stock, providing a high return for the stock in question.


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