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Job Titles

administrative assistant   
advanced data analyst   
analyst programmer     
analyst statistician   
application analyst    
application programmer analy     
associate director         
associate director, statistical      
associate manager
associate programmer       
associate programmer analyst         
asst director
asst programmer        
asst vice president    
asst vice president senior tech officer
asst. manager
biostatistical programmer I     
biostatistical programmer II     
business analyst       
business consultant    
business information analyst     
business systems analyst         
capacity management analyst      
clinical application analyst     
clinical data manager  
clinical database programmer     
clinical programmer    
clinical sas programmer
computer application analyst     
computer consultant    
computer specialist    
computing consultant  
credit policy officer  
customer data analyst  
data analysis specialist         
data analyst 
data analyst II        
data analyst III       
data miner and sas data base     
data mining manager    
data specialist        
database analyst       
database manager       
database manager statisticia     
database marketing analyst       
database programmer    
director of data analysis        
director of institutional re     
evaluation & informatics ana     
financial analyst      
financial engineer     
health analyst         
health data analyst    
health services analyst
information analyst    
information processing consu     
information quality analyst      
information specialist 
information systems analyst      
information systems develope     
information technology manag     
IT developer 
IT manager   
jr programmer
jr statistician        
lead analyst 
lead programmer analyst
lead systems analyst   
legal assistant  
manager, operations analy     
manager, analysis & pricing      
manager, analysis programmin     
manager, application develop     
manager, clinical programmin     
manager, statistical program     
manager, study programming       
manufacturing information sy     
marketing analyst      
marketing database analyst       
marketing specialist   
mathematical statistician        
mis analyst  
mis manager  
mis programmer analyst 
network administrator  
operations research analyst      
principal scientific program     
principal system engineer        
program manager        
programmer analyst    
programmer analyst II  
programmer analyst III 
programmer group leader
project data analyst II
project manager        
quality and development mana     
quantitative analyst   
research analyst      
research analyst II    
research analyst III   
research associate         
research associate I      
research coordinator   
research scientist     
research specialist    
risk analyst 
risk analyst I        
sales support
sas analyst  
sas consultant         
sas expert   
sas programmer        
sas programmer analyst 
sas programmer database deve     
sas statistical programmer       
scientific data manager
software engineer      
software engineer IV   
softwareentwickler, dwh-admi     
special projects       
sps programmer         
senior analyst   
senior analyst programmer  
senior application developer         
senior application programmer an     
senior clinical programmer ananl     
senior clinical programmer proje     
senior clinical systems analyst      
senior computer programmer analy     
senior consultant         
senior data analyst        
senior data miner
senior data processing analyst       
senior database research manager     
senior decision science analyst      
senior functional analysis 
senior health analyst      
senior housing research analyst      
senior information analyst 
senior information systems analy     
senior IT engineer         
senior manager   
senior marketing analyst   
senior medical programming associate     
senior member of application sta     
senior modeling statisician
senior professional staff  
senior programmer
senior programmer analyst 
senior programmer analyst - clin     
senior programmer analyst IV         
senior programming anaylst 
senior project analyst     
senior project consultant  
senior research analyst    
senior research associate      
senior risk analyst        
senior risk manager        
senior sas engineer        
senior sas programmer      
senior sas programmer analyst        
senior scientific programmer ana     
senior statistical analyst 
senior statistical consultant        
senior statistical programmer        
senior statistical programmer an     
senior statistician        
senior systems analyst     
senior technical analyst   
senior technical consultant
staff analyst
staff assistant  
staff product consultant         
statistical adviser    
statistical analyst    
statistical consultant 
statistical data analyst         
statistical programmer 
statistical programmer analy     
statistical programmer II        
strategic analyst      
systems analyst        
systems analyst (dsa)  
systems analyst IV     
systems consultant     
systems developer      
systems engineer       
systems integrator     
systems manager        
technical apprentice   
technical consultant   
technical manager      
trainee technical developer      
unified certification system     
vice president - experimental design         
data warehouse manager 
portfolio analyst II   
senior engineer  

Data Mining Machine Learning Analytics Quant Statistics Econometrics Biostatistics Web Analytics Business Intelligence Risk Management Operations Research AI Predictive Modeling Actuarial Sciences Statistical Programming Customer Insight Data Modeling Competitive Intelligence Market Research Information Retrieval Computer Science Retail Analytics Healthcare Analytics ROI Optimization Design Of Experiments Scoring Models Six Sigma SAS Splus SAP ETL SPSS CRM Cloud Computing Electrical Engineering Fraud Detection Marketing Databases Data Analysis Decision Science Text Mining