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Data mining meta-directory: general resources with emphasis on fraud detection, CRM, advertising technology, web mining, probabilistic trading, scorecards, risk management, market research, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, statistical technology, information retrieval, computational marketing.

The European Text Analytics Summit - April 2007

Details of the conference:

Event name: The European Text Analytics Summit
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Start & end dates: 26th and 27th of April 2007
Telephone: +44 207 3757 555
Fax: +44 207 3757 576

Description of Event

Analysts cite that 85% of the data held in an enterprise exists in the form of text. More and more market leading companies are realising the benefits of using text analytics to maximise their profits and make major strategic decisions.

Following the 2 blockbusting Text Analytics Summits in Boston, TextAnalyticsNews is proud to present The European Text Analytics Summit, the only commercially focused event dedicated to text analytics in Europe! This world class event is your opportunity to tap into this amazing market potential, identify the most promising applications, size up the technical challenges and connect with tech-savvy end users.

The biggest names in the industry are already confirmed to speak at The European Text Analytics Summit. End users including Merck, Italia Telecom, Pfizer, Philips, HP, Dutch Police, Cisco Systems, University of Nebraska-Ohama + more will take you through the latest case studies and real life deployments with results. Find out how they have transformed unstructured textual data to lucrative information and profits! Leading solution providers such as SPSS, Temis, Nstein, SAS, Basis Technology, Ysis Seach, Linguamatics and Infolutions amongst others will take you through their current applications and the latest technologies to make sure you stay ahead of the game. Furthermore, you will hear from NaCTeM, the UK National Centre for Text Mining and the European Commission Security Research, a group dedicated to funding text analytics projects specific to European security for both solution providers and end users. Do not miss this unique industry event!

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