Luxury Beach Cottage for Sale, listed at $607k

This 3-story, 1,593 square foot cozy cottage built in 2013 was barely used by the owner as a vacation home and looks brand new.  It has ocean and San Juan islands views, and it is located in the driest spot in western Washington. Walk to the beach, or to the San Juan island ferry that goes to Friday Harbor and Victoria island in British Columbia. Enjoy world-class restaurants such as the Willow Inn restaurant, beautiful Pacific sunsets, scenic drives, the best, long summer days in continental United States with blue skie sand perfect temperatures, and close to ski areas including Whistler in Canada. Luxury cottage with fireplace and top appliances, 90 minutes North of Seattle, 90 minutes East of the snow-capped North Cascade mountains (you can see Mount Baker from the beach) and 90 minutes South of Vancouver, offered by the motivated seller.

Upgrades include marble floor in all three bathrooms and backsplash tile in the kitchen. This peaceful place is great for retirement, for artists, or for a new family, in a charming little town - Anacortes - with no traffic jam, plenty of intriguing boutique shops, many events and great nightlife, as well as endless clam and crab hunting, boating, and hiking. The main room has a Caribbean flair with high ceilings, a ceiling fan, and shutter window.  

The place is attracting more and more Californians for its pace of living, beautiful views, and much more affordable lifestyle. The ownwer, a former Bay Area home owner and resident, just bought one of the last bigger homes still available in the same development. If you come from California, you won't feel alone!

Location: 4712 Schooner Dr Anacortes, WA 98221.

Contact: Sandi Davidson, John L Scott Anacortes. See the listing, here.

To my California friends: There is no income tax in Washington state. You can work for an employer in California, being a resident in WA, and avoid the heavy CA state income taxes, property taxes, and big HOA fees. I have worked in CA while being a resident in WA for many years, flying every week to San Francisco. I still love CA and have investigated great homes for sale in San Diego or Santa Barbara that I coud afford (and there were quite a few), before deciding on that big luxury home in Anacortes. Even today, much of my income still comes from CA. If you can work from home or your employer allows you (and pay for) to travel to the Bay Area on a regurlar basis, this could be a fantastic opportunity. And just like many people in the Bay Area, I am a technology guy (data scientist.)