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Stock Picking Strategies

We are currently developing various stock picking systems. One of them consists of identifying stocks that are likely to move up less than 40 days after they have been selected. The successful stocks should meet the following criterion:
The lowest price on the sell date is substantially higher than the highest price on the purchase date. Selling is taking place less than 40 days after the purchase and is achieved through a limit order valid for 40 days.
To design a successful stock picking system, we want to perform statistical analysis on historical prices for thousands of stocks, to produce good buy signals. We investigate:
  • volume
  • volatility
  • historical high, low, open, close over past 120 days
  • correlations with other stocks with various time lags
  • periodicity for various cycles
  • major peaks and valley floors
  • games of musical chairs (pattern)
  • correlation with major indices
  • ratio price / 52 week low
  • ratio price / 52 week high
  • recent spike or drop in price particularly on average volume
  • analyst ranking, minimum analyst recommendation, current price vs. minimum target price, variance in target price, P/E ratio
  • daily gaps, close = high, close = low, for a portfolio of 200+ stocks
  • daily top / worst performers, for a portfolio of 200+ stocks
  • streak patterns
We offer seminars on pattern recognition, to help you design optimized trading systems. Feel free to contact us for details.

Stock Trading Resources

General and index related resources: Company-specific links:

You need to click on the link and then modify the URL accordingly to obtain information on a particular stock or company. By default you will obtain information on GE.

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